What are String-Inverter?

String-inverter is specific form of inverters that works on the same basic principle of taking DC power as an input and “inverts” into AC power as an output. As the word “string” means the string of modules that are joined together in series.  You have thought to install Solar panel but confused among various types of solar systems available in market. Don’t worry, dasstech has launched some amazing solar panels with exciting features. Let’s dive into it… String-Inverter

Power Optimized String Inverter

The main feature of string inverter is to optimize the solar energy and converting it into AC power. The solar characteristics curve of a string inverter is highly dependent on the intensity of radiation and the temperature ranges of the module. In other words, the measurements that probably vary over the intervals of the day. That’s why, this is the reason that the string inverter must locate and observe continuously the optimal functional point of solar curve. Moreover, you must consider the “bring out” i.e. the maximum power point from the inverter in every condition. Also, the optimal functional point is known as the “maximum power point” (MPP), and this is particularly used for searching and tracking so this MPP is correspondingly called “MPP tracking.” Dasstech customers are highly satisfied with their company and want to report good experiences with String inverters. Some reasons they list for their support are:
  • String Inverters work excellently and are so quiet
  • These inverters are easy-to-use and have in depthsystem and panel monitoring
  • String inverters have mitigated shading and works well in shading and produce more energy
  • There is no need to connect battery. It is totally optional. It can be connected for self-consumption and/or backup of excess power
  • Hardware is incredibly reliable
  • Module-level data logging and higher system output
  • String Inverters have greater Value and Warranty
The biggest value proposition of dasstech inverters is that they offer the advantages of both string and micro inverters at the same time, at a price point affordable between them. You can expand your systems completely without any issue. Homeowners can add another set of batteries or solar panels if their energy needs increases in future much more easily. Dasstech is leading companies in South Korea providing lifetime warranty of its solar systems to customers. If you think you like the idea of power optimizers but want to go with another inverter brand, you can do that. Dasstech build independent operation technology into their solar panels so they can be used with most any other inverter.

Temperature Ranges and Safety Features

At one end, the installation location of solar panels is very important as it affects the temperature and a constant supply of cool temperature conditions are ideal. On the other end, temperature is directly dependent on the String invertor operations. Surprisingly, the two percent loss in the form of heat energy reduces the power efficiency by 98 percent. The 10 kW power plant has maximum thermal capacity of 200 W still. This is the reason that a reliable and efficient constant cooling system is required for the enclosure. The optimum thermal layer of the particles allows them to discharge their heat energy directly to the environment, while the whole plant capsule acts as a heat sink at the same time. Moreover, Inverters function efficientlyif they are surrounded by cool air.The string inverter measures the energy yield of the solar plant and notices any problem and report that. On the other side, it also monitors the energy exported to power grid that it is linked with. Therefore, in the event of a power fall in the power grid, it must at the spot disconnect the plant from the grid. This is done for safety reasons or to provide support to the grid. It is all depending on the needs of the local grid operator. Another safety feature of string inverter is that it automatically turns off your solar panels in case of a grid damage. This takes preventive measures to protect you from a voltage surge, electrocution, or damage to your home. Dasstech offers high-efficiency string inverter and optimizer all-in-all at a competitive price. Moreover, they also proposes great design flexibility, lesser moving parts, excellent system monitoring, and industry-leading warranties.

If you’re looking to install solar panel system in new home, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you’re choosing a skilled solar panel installer who is familiar with all of the equipment and cost options available to you.
  • If you are paying for the solar panel system then, attain the ownership by means of a cash purchase or loan because these will produce the best savings. Leases are another great option if you don’t have cash at hand.
  • Check for the reliability of string inverter
  • A proven bankable warranty
  • Make sure that the inverters are capable of all time data monitoring, preventative maintenance (PM), operations and maintenance (O&M) services and offer a quick mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Get to know about surge rating and power rating of inverter
For any type of inverter that you are purchasing, make sure to read all technical specifications that are mentioned above the model table. This step is very important because you are investing a lot to meet future challenges of electricity and if you fail to do so, your whole money is in danger. Dasstech is the leading and most reliable company in South Korea will thousands of customers distributed across the region. We provide quality services in terms of our skilled professionals and hard work that we put in it. We are continuously in search of renewable energy projects completion to find more and more opportunities and grab the best benefits out of solar energy. Green and clean planet is our utmost priority and we are looking forward as dominating the No. 1 brand in South Korea with exciting sales and customer support. At your single phone call we will be at your door step!

How Many Solar Panels You Can String With the Inverter?

It is the matter of fact that designing the architecture of solar systems is a complicated process. In South Korea, we are providing you with all relevant information related to solar panel sizing, and guiding about the battery bank you need to maintain to meet the energy consumption out of solar systems. Moreover the common the complex point is about string sizingthat you can connect with solar panels. So, the question arises that how many panels can you string and to wire with the inverter? A panel string is a collection of panels that are connected or wired into a single intake on your power inverter. Size of string demonstrates the calculations we make to checkthat which number of panels we should plug into one intake for better efficiency. String sizing is not as complex as it seems to be, the minimum intake of solar panel that is required areeight solar panels per string, and the maximum solar panel rated voltage is 5250W per string.

Problem: More Strings Are Required by Large Inverters

There is a problem with the string inverter that larger inverters need more strings that are wired with solar panels. As much as two strings are needed of 5250kW are 10.5kW whereas the inverters can support up to maximum of 13.5kW and 15.35W respectively. This is the reason that at least three parallel strings are required to maximize the performance efficiency of string inverter. String inverterswork within a limited input voltage range, known as the “operating range”. Make sure that solar panel strings that are connected to your panels must throw a voltage that falls within that limit. If the panels are not able to supply enough voltage power, then the string inverter would not have enough energy to turn it on. If large amount of voltage is applied, your string inverter will be damaged and the warranty will no longer exist.

Solution: More Strings Required For Large Connections

The operating range is a prescribed limit in which the string inverter will properly function. This is the probable range in which your appliance will operate and inverter turns on successfully. But, under this range only the power required to operate appliances comes in while you do not have idea that where the excess power is going in case the more voltages are coming. It does not guarantee that you are getting most of the power out of string inverter successfully. This is the reason that you optimize the power output, you are then able to narrow down the voltage range which is known as MPP (Maximum Power Point) range. You can now only size your strings that are needed to be connected with solar panel inverter to maximize the output power. The string inverter makes you to operate three strings back to back from the solar panel in conduit, and join all three strings in the string wiring of the inverter. Thus the blend of the strings happens with in the inverter. Moreover, this allows you to have the existing spread across three strings for the houses running successfully. Therefore, resulting in fewer current and minimized, less-costly wire sizes.

Methods to Calculate String Sizes

In South Korea, Dasstech is a big name that provides you with string inverter with optimized efficiency and performance. The sizing calculations for string inverters is dependent on the limited voltage of solar panels and inverter that is connected with it. Moreover, temperature fluctuations also factor in its sizing calculations. In addition, output voltage is associated with each solar panel. This is the voltage that the inverter receives. Let us look at some technical terms that are associated to calculate the sizing of strings:

1.   Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)

Open circuit voltage is a state of inverter when the current is not supplied or when the inverter is not on. In short, the circuit is open that does not allow the flow of current through it.

2.   Maximum Power Voltage (VMP)

VMP is defined as the amount of voltage that flows through the solar panel when it is turned on and functions properly under load i.e. the current is flowing through the circuit. In short, the circuit is closed in this state of power voltage flow.

3.   Read the Numbers on Panel

Search for the numbers mentioned on the solar panel specification sheet that is attached with it. It is a unique number that is different on each panel.

4.   MPP Voltage Range

This is significantly an important step to search for the rated MPP voltage range mentioned on the specification sheet of string inverter. This is necessary for the ideal operation of inverter over the period of time with optimized efficiency and enjoying the maximum output power.

5.   Maximum DC Input Voltage

Make sure to notice the maximum DC input voltage of string inverter. You must be consciously concerned of DC voltage input because if it exceeds the operating voltage range that your system can support. You will automatically overload the inverter and will face loses in the equipment roasting. This also voids the warranty that is associated with your string inverter. We have seen this many a times that’s why we are giving you precautionary measure guide to remain safe from potential loses.

6.   Minimum DC Voltage Range

Must consider the minimum DC voltage ranges and a beginning voltage that is needed to be met in order to turn on the string inverter. In addition this will not be a major problem, since we are in search of strings that can operate well above the minimum voltage power. Greater in the MPP range where it works at higher efficiency. In South Korea, you will find no better option than Dasstech with all features and functionalities of solar system providing company under one roof. We provide range of solar systems and inverters including PV inverter, on grid inverter, string inverter and so on. We are here to assist you.