Full type of Solar EPC is engineering, procurement, and construction. In sun oriented industry EPC term is utilized for giving start to finish sun based administrations from structuring the framework, procuring the components and installing the project. 

Solar EPC

EPCs reveal to you how vitality proficient a structure is and give it a rating from An (effective) to G (wasteful). They advise the individual utilizing the structure how exorbitant it is probably going to be to warm/control, and what carbon dioxide outflows there will be. Once created, EPCs are substantial for a long time. They likewise express the potential vitality effectiveness rating if upgrades are made, and features financially savvy approaches to accomplish this.


How would I get an EPC?

How would I get an EPC

Existing EPC If you purchased or leased your property after 1 October 2008 you ought to have an EPC from the manufacturer (for another development), merchant or proprietor when you purchased or leased your property. On the off chance that you didn’t, you can report this to your nearby exchanging principles at the Trading Standards Institute site and they can issue a fixed punishment take note. To meet FIT necessities you should continue on the premise that you have no EPC.

• If you have an EPC it will express the present and potential band rating of your property.

• If the present rating of your property is a band D or better and your EPC authentication is under 10 years of age then you need make no further move to get the FIT at the standard rate, other than sending the EPC to your FIT licensee when enlisting your establishment.

• If your EPC demonstrates your property is a band E, F or G you should do vitality effectiveness enhancements before applying for the FITs or get the lower rate for the lifetime of the duty, as of now 20 years. Lost EPC If you had an EPC yet have lost the endorsement, you should contact the Approved Organization whose part delivered the first EPC:

• Please note the Home Energy Check report isn’t substantial as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). On the off chance that you get an EPC for your property you may get an alternate rating to that given in the report. The HEC report is planned for general direction just and not as a substitute for the use of expert ability. The Energy Saving Trust can’t acknowledge duty regarding any misfortune, harm or other risk coming about because of its utilization. The best way to make certain of the EPC banding of your property is to visit for from a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) for an EPC to be delivered. Accordingly you may need to pay for two EPCs if your property isn’t now a band D or better: one to discover and one after upgrades are completed. A few DEAs might be set up to make a draft report and after that hold up until the new measures have been finished before revising and submitting it – check this with your picked DEA. In the event that enhancements are vital your DEA ought to have the option to prompt you which proposals will be important to take your property to a band D and which will take you past.


Which structure to pick is reliant on your individual undertaking objectives. Every one has its focal points and has been recorded in expanding request of your representatives’ commitment and time necessities. Firms fit for giving EPC administrations have holding capacities to cover the full designing, obtainment and development of your task.

Why Go The EPC Route?

From an engineer or speculator point of view, where information might be restricted, it is frequently simpler to go the EPC course, as you just have one contract and you depend on a skillful firm to deal with the venture’s subtleties. With one contract, you normally just have one point of contact, which transfers into one gathering and at last takes less of your time.

In the event that you are less worried about activity and progressively worried about getting your task constructed, EPC is the course for you. Be that as it may, there is a way of thinking in the business that it is smarter to design first, at that point get your equalization of plant (BOP) advisor ready. This gives you a kick off on your details and structure so you can get down to business. This methodology additionally enables you to pick the designer you need to deal with your venture. On the off chance that you genuinely need an EPC and are determined to a specialist that knows your business, you can generally dole out your building asset to your contractual worker, basically securing your designer on the venture as a fixed expense.

By and large, with a genuine EPC, you will get the sub-advisors your EPC specialist picks. You may wind up with more sub-advisors that you expected, anyway this is a piece of the EPC specialist’s job, which is to get the undertaking finished at the cost and calendar you consented to.

This occasionally prompts the EPC advisor subbing out areas of work to organizations that can do it quicker and all the more economically. Once more, you are depending on the EPC expert’s system and experience to pull you and your undertaking through to culmination.

What Can An EPC Do?

When you kick back and take a gander at all of the things that need to happen on a business establishment, the game extremely just starts after you arrange your interconnection understanding (IA). After you have the IA, you’ll need somebody to work with building, compose gear details, acquire (and frequently store) your undertaking hardware, just as develop, test and commission the task.

On the off chance that you have next to zero learning on the points of interest of the business, however have the privilege budgetary sponsorship and application, you can enlist an EPC firm to take your task through to realization. A decent EPC firm has the learning, business contacts, and here and there the correct merchant influence to get your venture worked at a worthy cost and on calendar. With a considerable rundown of contractual workers, specialists and merchants available to them, these organizations comprehend what you need before you do and can help control you through the usage procedure.

Picking Your EPC

A decent EPC will have a solid capacity in at least one of the three territories: designing, development or obtainment. All things considered, you need an EPC firm you can trust. EPC firms regularly move quick, frequently quicker than you can stay aware of. You have to believe that they are acting to your greatest advantage and that they are put resources into ensuring you are effective.

You need a firm that is established with great correspondence rehearses so they can go for time to stroll you through the procedure. You likewise need a firm centered around instructing their customers so you leave the procedure preferred educated over when you came in. Make an inquiry or two your industry network and begin the discussion and connections before you begin. Individuals for the most part prescribe firms who they trust and great firms with great notorieties are broadly known.

Dass Tech give an expert task the executives and controlling system during the whole life expectancy of each undertaking in South Korea. Our specialists give a nitty gritty establishment documentation, in this way ensuring an easily organized development and a finish on schedule. We have a demonstrated system of solid accomplices and providers with incredible useful experience. Our administrations include:

• Preparation of establishment and development documentation

• Specialist hazard the board

• Specialist site the executives

• Logistics co-appointment

• Safety co-appointment

• Commissioning and execution testing

• Experienced venture the board and itemized documentation