The term renewable solar energy project means the energy collected from renewable resources. These resources includes sunlight, wind, geothermal heat, rain, tides, biomass and waves etc. Dasstech utilizes Sunlight as a form of renewable source of energy. Energy can be harnessed from sun even in cloudy weather conditions. Solar energy is used in renewable energy projects worldwide and is most popular for generating electricity and heat or may be used for desalinating water. 

Renewable Solar Energy Project

How powerful is the Sun?

It might be surprising for you that the amount of sunlight that falls on the surface of earth for an hour can meet the energy needs of an entire year. Indeed Powerful! Solar energy has proved itself as a viable source of renewable energy, needed for continued growth in years to come.

Do you know the best part about solar energy? You can use the sunlight as long as the sun shines for heating, cooling and lightening for your homes and offices without polluting our lovely planet.

Solar energy is produced when it captures the rays of sun (photons) and turns them into electricity power (voltages). Hence the term “Photovoltaic” or PV emerges out. This solar energy can then be utilized to power homes, businesses, calculators, aircrafts and so on.

Upcoming Solar Renewable Energy Project

Solar is the fastest growing renewable energy resource in the World. Countries who want to dominate the industry are in race. Dasstech is among the leading companies from South Korea that is providing the best Solar Power Plants and have headquarters in Thailand and India. Moreover, they have sales records in South-East Asia, Latin America, India (Sri-Lanka). By 2020, we target to realize an annual sales revenue as 1 billion dollars and to be No.1 brand in U.S.

Dasstech is working day and night on renewable energy projects by using sunlight and providing the excellent solar systems to our customers. Our passionate team and experts are continuously in search of finding ways for green solar systems to protect our planet. We are installing our solar plants in different regions to enhance our network and sales.

How it Works?

how renewable solar energy-system-work

Ever wondered that how the solar energy is converted into electricity? Let’s start with some basic definitions and concepts.

Photon: A photon is a particle of sunlight

Solar cell: These are the parts of a solar panel. They’re rectangular-shaped, commonly made from silicon and constitutes one positive and one negative layer, this altogether create an electric circuit.

Direct current (DC): A type of current in which the electric charge flows in one direction from positive to negative end. It is commonly seen in batteries and other portable devices.

Alternate current (AC): A type of current in which electric charge changes directions most often.

Technical Process

  1. At the first step, photons of light hits the solar cells found in a solar panel, kicking electrons to lose their position from atoms
  2. Secondly, the scattered electrons of DC electricity flow through the circuit and arrives into an inverter
  3. Thirdly, the DC power is converted to AC electricity
  4. Finally, this electricity is exported to the energy grid to power homes and offices.

In the renewable energy projects, sunlight plays the major role. Moreover, you can also wire more and more solar panels because the more solar panels, the more electricity they will generate.

Kinds of Solar Power

Solar electricity can be categorized into three major kinds:

  • Utility-Scale
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Utility-scale Solar Power

Utility-scale Solar Power

These solar power plants supply the electricity grid with huge amounts of electricity. This typically includes several megawatts of voltages. We are considering that our future solar power plants can generate several hundred megawatts of energy.

Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power

These type of solar power plants provides power to businesses that install the setup of solar panels on bare land, roofs, or parking areas. The solar power generated by our systems can meet the needs of the building’s power consumption and sometimes exceeds that. Often, the excess electricity is exported back to the power providing companies.

Residential Solar Power

Residential Solar Power


The very common type includes the installation of solar systems that generate electricity for individual homes. Our solar panel fulfils the homeowners by their solar power generation using the traditional electricity to meet energy needs during the night or on cloudy days. This kind of solar electricity is becoming more and more popular as these solar power systems are becoming cheap.

Why Eco Friendly Green Solar Panels?

Eco Friendly Green Solar Panels

With the increasing population, the world is becoming more and more polluted. The electrical appliances are adding more and more pollutants in the atmosphere that is in return harming the health of a human being. This is that time to take preventive measures and to take action. Furthermore, with every rising day the new technologies are emerging that are providing ease on one hand but effecting the environment at dangerous levels. So, we have thought to build eco-friendly green solar panels keeping in view the protection of our consumers. We are working on green renewable energy projects and installing the plants away from the residential areas to make the environment clean. Benefits of green solar systems are listed below:

  • Free & Unlimited Energy from the Sun
  • Zero Electricity Bill & Pollution Free
  • Easy Installation and setup
  • Integrated with Best quality products
  • Skilled experts and team.
  • Full Project Handling
  • Excellent After Sales Services
  • Customer Support
  • 100% work done guaranteed
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Eco-friendly

Therefore, if you are looking for the best solar systems and renewable solar energy project in South Korea then Dasstech is the name that comes in mind. We promise to deliver you the best of everything and if you find any issue after installation, our team is there to provide you with 24/7 assistance. Even, we will reach your door step at your single phone call. Our passionate team is looking to help you whenever you need. We provide range of products including on grid inverters, photovoltaic inverters and are working on renewable energy projects to dominate the world with our best services and products.