DASSTECH is a research and development-centered new & renewable energy company.

It has obtained the Certificate of Company-affiliated R&D Center from the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA).

Thanks to our continued efforts for more than a decade, we have successfully realized a full lineup of products from single-phase 3kW inverters for housing to 3-phase 1MW inverters for power generation.

In terms of R&D, DASSTECH targets state of the art power electronics technology for renewable energy through compliance with quality, cost and delivery (QCD).

For product development, we have adopted engineering techniques (VE, 3S, modular design) and developed high-performance, high-efficiency and highly stable products. We continue doing our best to develop beautiful, trendy, eco-friendly and future-oriented products.

At present, DASSTECH maintains the highest technology in the country. Based on such advanced technology, we have developed diverse products for overseas PV markets and released standardized items through global certification. We are committed to growing into one of the best global brands through the development of innovative products.

Development of new & renewable energy power conversion system (PCS)

Copyright ⓒ DAsstech CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright ⓒ DASSTECH CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.