Inverter is the Brain of PV Plant

The inverter act as the brain of every PV plant. Like other inverters it converts DC power of the PV modules into grid-compliant AC current and export this into the public grid. Furthermore, it controls and monitors the entire plant at the same time. In this way, it makes sure that on the one hand is that of PV modules which always function at their radiation from the solar- and temperature-dependent maximum power. On the other, it continuously measures the power grid and is responsible for the coherence to various safety standards.

PV Inverter

The Correct PV Inverter for Each Plant

A huge number of PV inverters are accessible in the market, but these PV inverter solar panels are distributed on the behalf of three important characteristics:

  • Power
  • Direct Current related design
  • Circuit topology

Technical Specifications

1.    Power

Power is a terminology that is used for the output of electricity generated by PV inverter. The values of power output begins at two kilowatts and leads to several megawatt of power. Majorly, the power outputs are 5 kW for residential areas like home rooftop solar panels, 10 – 20 kW for commercial solar panels (e.g., factory or rooftop) and 500 – 800 kW for large scale PV power stations.

2.    Wiring and Setup

The Direct current related design focuses the wiring of the PV parts to the PV inverter. In this wiring setup, differences are considered between multi-string, string and central inverters. As the word “string” means the string of modules that are joined together in series.

There are two or more than two inputs in case of multistring inverters with maximum power point tracker known as MPP. These altogether constitutes practically unique and favorable choice because now the Photovoltaic arrays includes various subareas that are oriented differently or partially shaded areas.

Central inverters contains only single Maximum power point tracker despite a relatively larger power output as that of multistring inverters. Moreover, they are significantly well-suited for large-scale power points with a homogeneous generator.

3.    Circuit topology

Do not forget to notice the circuit topology of PV inverter. As in regard to circuit topology, there exists one and three phase inverters that are distinct from each other on the basis of connected devices that are with or without transformer. Firstly, one phase inverters are typically small power plants whereas in large PV plants, a huge network ranging from one phase inverters to three phase inverters have to be used to bear the unbalanced load of 6.4 kVA.

Whereas, the transformers serve as the need of galvanic isolation (required in some regions) and make it viable to earth the PV module (necessary for some types of PV inverter). Whenever required, however, inverters can be used without transformers. These PV modules are a bit smaller and lighter in weight than transformer devices and function with a higher efficiencies.

Working of the PV inverter

Working of the PV inverter


The PV inverter work on the same principle as rest of inverters and they are as diversified as they are in demand. Here are some of the tasks listed below that PV inverter performs:

·        Very Low Conversion Loss

Of all the features that PV inverter provides, one significant characteristic of an inverter is its efficiency of “conversion”. It means that no power or very little power is lost as PV inverter converts the excess power back to the system. This measures the amount of energy that is inserted in the form of direct current comes out in the same rate as alternating current. Nowadays, these modern technologies operate at the highest efficiency rate of 98 percent conversion.

·        Optimization of Power

The other main feature of PV inverter is to optimize the solar energy. The solar characteristics curve of a PV inverter is highly dependent on the intensity of radiation and the temperature ranges of the module. In other words, the measurements that probably vary over the intervals of the day. That’s why, this is the reason that the PV inverter must locate and observe continuously the optimal functional point of solar curve. Moreover, you must consider the “bring out” i.e. the maximum power point from the PV inverter in every condition. Also, the optimal functional point is known as the “maximum power point” (MPP), and this is particularly used for searching and tracking so this MPP is correspondingly called “MPP tracking.” MPP tracking is very important for the power output of a PV plant.

·        Securing and Monitoring

On the one side, the PV inverter measures the energy yield of the PV plant and notices any problem and report that. On the other side, it also monitors the energy exported to power grid that it is linked with. Therefore, in the event of a power fall in the power grid, it must at the spot disconnect the plant from the grid. This is done for safety reasons or to provide support to the grid. It is all depending on the needs of the local grid operator.

Moreover, at most times the PV inverter has a device connected that can safely disconnect the current from the PV modules. As PV panels are always live when light is shining on them, they cannot be powered off. Furthermore, if the inverter wire is interrupted during operation, this can lead to dangerous situations of light arcs. These arcs will not go out in the presence of the direct current. If the output devices are integrated directly in the inverter, installation and wiring efforts are and monitoring them is lessened considerably.

·        Communication Interface

Another characteristic of PV inverter involves the Communication interfaces. On the inverter these provides user friendly control and monitoring accessibility of all variables, operational data, and yields. Data can be collected and variables can be set for the inverter via a reliable network connection. In addition, most of the times data is obtained through a data logger, which retrieve and prepares the data from several inverters and, if needed, exports them to a free online data portal.

·        Temperature Management

The temperature ranges in the PV inverter housing also leads to better conversion efficiencies. In case the temperature rise too much, then the inverter has to reduce its solar power. Under certain circumstances the current module power cannot be fully utilized.

At one end, the installation location of solar panels is very important as it affects the temperature and a constant supply of cool temperature conditions are ideal. On the other end, temperature is directly dependent on the PV invertor operations. Surprisingly, the two percent loss in the form of heat energy reduces the power efficiency by 98 percent. The 10 kW power plant has maximum thermal capacity of 200 W still. This is the reason that a reliable and efficient constant cooling system is required for the enclosure. The optimum thermal layer of the particles allows them to discharge their heat energy directly to the environment, while the whole plant capsule acts as a heat sink at the same time.

·        Safety and Protection

The PV inverter provides you with weather proof enclosure that protects the solar plants and these are ideally built with protective sheet i.e. IP65. This also allows us to install the inverter at any place in outdoors that we desire. The major benefit of this protective sheet is that, the nearer the inverters are placed there will be less expenditures for extensive wiring comparatively.

Consider the Following Points before Purchasing the PV Inverter

PV inverters constitutes the small percentage of system’s cost and are highly in demand these days. Surprisingly, every seller says that they sell the best solar inverters. So what points to consider before choosing a PV inverter? Before choosing solar inverter, make sure to consider the following points:

  • You must be familiar with necessary technical terminologies and specifications
  • Also, you need to check the safety certification of the inverter
  • Check for the battery capacity correctly as the life of inverter is dependent on batteries connected
  • Get to know about surge rating and power rating of inverter
  • You must also consider the variation of power between peak power and typical power
  • Check for the reliability of photovoltaic inverter
  • A proven bankable warranty
  • Make sure that the inverters are capable of all time data monitoring, preventative maintenance (PM), operations and maintenance (O&M) services and offer a quick mean time to repair (MTTR)

If you are looking for PV inverter with all these characteristics in South Korea then DassTech is the only name that hits your mind. We work on renewable energy projects and offers you with high efficiency Photovoltaic Inverter and on Grid Inverter so that you can enjoy a continuous electric supply without energy loss.

Don’t Forget To Consider

These solar inverters have a number of advantages but besides, there exists some lope holes as well that minimizes the performance of grid connected inverters and have safety concerns. Actually the main reasons are:

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Positioning of invertor
  • Rain, humidity and extreme heat on some days

Use of high quality and heat proof inverters are very important. Along with, mount these PV inverters on a sheltered and covered place if possible. You might have noticed that people complaints most of the time that their solar cells are destroyed and not working properly. Moreover, the charging is not possible any more. Also, it will cost a lot to purchase solar cells, instead buy a new one and so on. At some point in a lifetime, the inverters do undergo faults. But, the life of grid connected inverters can be increased significantly by placing them out of direct sunlight and safety measures must be taken to avoid early faults in inverters.

What Makes Dasstech Different?

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  • Functions and features
  • Monitoring
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