What is an Photovoltaic Inverter ?

An inverter is a critical equipment in photovoltaic systems. It takes DC input power either from your solar panels or batteries connected and “invert” into AC power as an output. You can use this power for your daily usage in the household appliances.

Photovoltaic Inverter

How to Pick the Best Photovoltaic Inverter?

Inverters constitutes the small percentage of system’s cost and are in demand these days. Surprisingly, every seller says that they sell the best solar inverters. So how do you decide where to pick from? Before choosing photovoltaic inverter, make sure to consider the following points:

  • You must be familiar with necessary technical terminologies
  • Also, you need to check the safety certification of the inverter
  • Check for the battery capacity correctly as the life of inverter is dependent on batteries connected
  • Get to know about surge rating and power rating of inverter
  • You must also consider the variation of power between peak power and typical power
  • Check for the reliability of photovoltaic inverter
  • A proven bankable warranty
  • Make sure that the inverters are capable of all time data monitoring, preventative maintenance (PM), operations and maintenance (O&M) services and offer a quick mean time to repair (MTTR)

If you are looking for photovoltaic inverters with all these characteristics in South Korea then DassTech is the only name that hits your mind. We work on renewable energy projects and offers you with high efficiency Photovoltaic Inverter and on Grid Inverter so that you can enjoy a continuous electric supply without energy loss.

Look at the Technical Specs

If you are offered with number of different inverters in South Korea, looks at the technical specifications of photovoltaic inverters and be informed of these points:

Photovoltaic Inverter diagram

Photovoltaic Inverter diagram

1-  AC Nominal Power

The AC nominal power of the photovoltaic inverter (15000 Watt) called as the outcomestandardized for the PV inverter when it is in operation.The greaterthis value is, the better and more expensive the photovoltaic inverter.

2-  Maximum AC Apparent Power

The maximum AC apparent power is nearly 15000 VA. It constitutes two parts majorly:

  • Useable part as Real Power
  • Useless part as Reactive Power

The larger the value, the more expensive is the photovoltaic inverter.

3-  Output Phases

3/N/PE constitutes the following:

  • 3 is the count of phase conductors in lines ( i.e. L1, L2, and L3)
  • N is for the neutral connector
  • PE is for the protective grounding conductor

Three phase photovoltaic inverter is better than the single phase inverter.

4-  Nominal AC Voltage

The standard Nominal AC Voltage is 480/277-volt wyein a system. The 480 is mainly for motors etc. and 277 is for other standard appliances. The “wye” or star is for three phase configuration kind.

5-  AC Frequency

The allowable AC frequency range at the exit point of the photovoltaic inverter is between 44 and 65 Hz. This frequency variable is used in the anti-islanding spec of the Photovoltaic inverter. A good photovoltaic inverter has a large AC frequency range.


6-  Maximum Output Current

The maximum output current of photovoltaic inverter is 24 Ampere. This is maximum value that it can deliver.

7-  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD, Harmonics)

The total harmonic distortion is calculated by adding the sum of power of all signal harmonics and dividing with the power of fundamental frequency. The lower the THD, the better the Photovoltaic inverter.

Advantages of Photovoltaic Inverter

These photovoltaic inverters offers the range of advantages and exciting features. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Sun is a great Blessing and utilizing its rays in solar systems is not only helpful in the form of solar energy but it also helps in reducing the greenhouse effect and the global warming
  2. Inverters constitutes less percentage of costs and time. As the solar energy has no boundaries so, utilizing it in the best possible manner makes it worthy enough.
  3. Inverters are also helpful in the populations where people use a very little amount of AC power or electricity.
  4. The photovoltaic synchronous inverters not only aids the small home localities but also houses with luxurious facilities are taking benefits at the same time. Moreover, electricity providing companies that are huge in size are having the fruits in the form of free solar energy via inverters.
  5. The photovoltaic invertor is finest among all the other types of inverters as it performs the multi-phase power functionality and works powerfully and efficiently.
  6. Also, the photovoltaic inverters are cheap. From the range of generators application, these inverters are less expensive than any of the AC power proving applications.
  7. Apart from the photovoltaic inverter, dasstech produces line of products including, on grid inverter, solar heaters, solar cooker and works on renewable energy projects etc.
  8. It is no doubt true that a huge amount of money is required for its installation and setup but once it gets installed, you will receive benefits out of it for a long run
  9. Sunlight is needed to charge its batteries. As we know, sunlight is available for a longer time in day light at most regions in South Korea and you can use that energy in the form of electricity in your places.
  10. The photovoltaic inverters stores the energy and utilizes that energy for future.

Why Choose DassTech?

Dass Tech is a leading company moving with a great passion and enthusiasm to remain as a No. 1 brand in South Korea when someone looks for best solar technology providing companies. We always prefer customer satisfaction and work with full zeal and energy to provide you with our best products and services. Moreover our purpose is:

  • Providing quality products and services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • 24/7 customer support

Our annual capacity is more than 1 GW. We have branches of our offices in several regions including Thailand, India and have sales records in South-East Asia, Latin America, India (Sri-Lanka). So, what are you waiting for? Cut down your electricity bills and contact us on our given numbers. We are waiting for your call!