What is On-Grid Inverter?

On Grid Inverter


On grid inverter is one type of solar power systems. On grid inverter is also known as grid-tie or grid feed solar system. These work on the same basic principles i.e. solar panels first converts the solar energy into DC power and store it. This energy is then inverted into AC power by the on grid inverter which can further be used to run home appliances. Moreover, excess energy is fed to the electricity grid and you get credits in return and reduced electricity costs.


How on Grid Inverter Works?

How on Grid Inverter Works

Grid tie inverters are widely used by homes and at commercial level in businesses etc. You do not need to purchase batteries in case of the on grid inverters because these use common solar inverters and are connected to the electricity grid near to your home. If there is any excess solar power stored in your solar panels then it is exported to electricity grid and you receive paid a feed-in-tariff (FiT) or creditsas a reward of export.

Furthermore, on grid inverter stop functioning or generating electricity due to blackout in the system from the backend for safety reasons. These blackouts usually happens because of short fall or damages in electricity grids. If the unit is big, batteries can be attached with on grid inverter to provide continuous supply of electricity in case of blackouts or any other reasons.

There are various kinds of inverters available in market including:

  • Low frequency On Grid Inverter
  • High Frequency On Grid Inverter

Both the types are available with transformer coupling functionality. Without transformers, the inverters are smaller and lighter in weight. Moreover, the grid inverters being lighter are getting popularity that are without transformer coupling.

Equipment Needed For Grid Tied Inverters

The on grid inverters includes the following components:

  • Micro Inverters or Grid Tied Inverters (GTI)
  • Power Meter

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Benefits of Grid Tied Inverters

1.   Cost Effective

You can now save more money using on grid inverter because it provides better efficiency rates, net metering, lower installation costs and less equipment. Batteries are needed for off grid systems otherwise you do not need any battery setup. All you require is invertor connection via generators e.g. wind turbine, hydroelectric supply and solar panel with a grid.

2.   Virtual Battery

The electricity grid act like a virtual battery and electricity is utilized in real time without any issue. However, it is temporarily stored in the form of chemical energy in batteries and is available for use at any time. Otherwise, energy storage comes with losses significantly.

3.   High Efficiency Rates

On grid inverter comes with higher efficiency rates. The inverters can depend on this requirement if they consider any additional electricity need. In developed countries like USA, there is a high demand of electricity. The power need is fulfilled via power companies. The on grid inverter after fulfilling the necessity draws the power and sends the excess power back to companies from where it is purchased.

4.   Reliable

The grid tie inverters are reliable source of electricity power backup. The conversion of DC power into AC happens smoothly and protects the electrical appliances without damage. It also protects from any mishap and shuts down in case of blackouts from electricity grids.

5.   Easy Installation and Setup

Despite of off grid inverters that need batteries setup, the on grid inverters are easy to install as these do not need any batteries. The renewable energy projects are working to make the complicated processes easier. For the installation of aon grid inverter, a consumer gets 30% subsidy. Taking into the focus, the tax credits and reliability considerations, the ROI generally comes down to 10 to 12 years for the home use. For the commercial use, the number of years will go down even further as there is more usage and thus, more cut downs on electricity bills.

How to Choose Grid Tied Inverter?

Before investing a huge amount in solar panels and inverters, do consider some important points listed under:

  • Make sure to examine the size of solar panel
  • Measure the exact sine wave despite of searching for altered sine wave
  • You must also look for the technical specifications including efficiency rates, no or little current draw and self-composed etc.
  • Check for the charging capacity of batteries and their outcome (if connected)
  • Also, focus on the temperature ranges it with holds and can bear
  • Research for the main things like who is the manufacturer and company details to check its reliability and validity over the period of time
  • Compare various types of solar grid inverters before making final decision

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