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DASS Residential inverters

DASS Residential inverters

Residential inverters are widely used in home and Roof-Tops.
DASS 3.0i will be your partner by generating more energy
and greater cost savings.

Built for simpler installation
Smaller and lighter design

DASS Commercial inverters

Providing high profit with the highest efficiency.

Efficiency(EURO) is 98.3% and the lowest cost for installation
Powerful alone, but more powerful together

DASS Utility inverters

DASS Utility inverters

For solar farms and PV plants, DASS utility scale inverters are ready for you.

Up to 1MW currently lined up and 2MW will be released soon
High reliability has been proved by many field references

DASS Monitoring System

Optimized and customized for you.
Viewable daily, monthly, yearly power generation

Go to monitoring system


What makes us passionate? The ways we create technology into energy bring
solutions for our sustainable future. DASS Tech believes these acts are
contributes in various ways.

Copyright ⓒ DAsstech CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright ⓒ DASSTECH CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.