Are you in search of grid connected inverter? Before purchasing one, you should keenly understand the comparison between various grid inverters as many big manufacturers have released the advanced models with exceptional features. Do to the increasing demand and sunlight, the trend is shifting towards the solar inverters. The home based inverters and hybrid inverters hype is also increasing tremendously. In this article, I will cover everything from pricing ranges to design features and advantages of installing the solar grid connected inverter. Let’s dive into it…

Firstly, we should consider that what is the job of grid connected inverter? But, before that let’s discuss the working of inverter. Inverter takes the direct current power from the source and inverts into alternating current power so that it can provide electricity using grid utility. The grid connected inverter must synchronize its frequency with that of grid or limit it no higher than that of grid. The grid connected inverter works efficiently by testing its output with input feed of connected to solar panel into the grid. The very common approach is to increase the loading speed and measuring the amount of power absorbed from it. Moreover, if the measurement enhances then the loading is increased. But, if the measurement lowers, the loading is decreased and vice versa. These utility invertors shut down when there is any issue with the supply automatically.

Solar Grid Connected Inverter Functions & Problems

Solar Grid Connected Invertor Functions

Solar Grid Connected Invertor Functions

These solar inverters have a number of advantages but besides, there exists some lope holes as well that minimizes the performance of grid connected inverters and have safety concerns. Actually the main reasons are:

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Positioning of invertor
  • Rain, humidity and extreme heat on some days

Use of high quality and heat proof inverters are very important. Along with, mount these grid connected inverters on a sheltered and covered place if possible. You might have noticed that people complaints most of the time that their solar cells are destroyed and not working properly. Moreover, the charging is not possible any more. Also, it will cost a lot to purchase solar cells, instead buy a new one and so on. At some point in a lifetime, the inverters do undergo faults. But, the life of grid connected inverters can be increased significantly by placing them out of direct sunlight and safety measures must be taken to avoid early faults in inverters.

Improved Service and Warranty

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Grid Connected Invertor Advantages

These solar inverters offers the range of advantages and exciting features. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Sun is a Blessing and utilizing its rays in solar systems in the form of solar energy is helpful in reducing the greenhouse effect and global warming
  2. Reduced costs and time consumption. As the solar energy is free and utilizing it in the best possible manner makes it worthwhile.
  3. Solar inverters are helpful to convert DC power into AC. It is very beneficial in the areas where people use a very little amount of power or electricity.
  4. The solar synchronous inverters not only help the small home owners to get the benefits but also big sized houses are taking benefits at the same time. Moreover, power companies that are huge in size are enjoying the fruits in the form of solar inverters
  5. The grid connected invertor is finest among all as it performs the multi functionality and works powerfully and energetically. With care and fine approach the DC power is converted into AC which is best for commercial establishments.
  6. Also, the solar inverters are cost effective. From the range of generators application, these inverters are less expensive than any of the generators.
  7. Apart from the solar grid connected inverter, it produces line of products including solar heaters, solar cooker etc.
  8. No doubt, a lot of money is required for its installation and setup but once it is installed, you will get benefits out of it for a long time
  9. Sunlight is required to charge its batteries. Sunlight is available for a longer time in day light at most regions and you can use that energy in the form of electricity in your places.
  10. The solar inverters stores the energy and utilizes that energy.

Types of Solar Grid Connected Inverter

There are various types of grid connected inverters available in market. These benefits you in various ways. Let us discuss them one by one:

  • String Inverters


string inverter

String inverters are one of the most usual type of inverter for home based use. Moreover, all the solar grid connected inverters above (apart from Enphase) are string inverters. On a home based solar power system you specifically have one per installation string available. Do you wonder why it is called a string inverter? This is due to the reason that you connect strings of solar panels to them.

  • Central Inverters

Central Inverters are huge inverters used for solar solutions in the hundreds of kilowatts or even megawatts of power capacity. Moreover, they appear like huge metal cabinets that can tackle up to 500kW per enclosure. Important to note that you will not find these in any residential areas; these are only utilized for large commercial setups or utility scale solar farms.

central inverter


  • Micro Inverters

Micro inverters are really tiny solar grid connected inverters. These are almost around the size of a paperback book cover. Being the thinnest, you will require one per solar panel. Moreover, you can learn about the benefits of micro inverters here. Also, the prominent one being is that they shrink each panel ideally, delivering more power– especially if you have fewer shade conditions. Significantly, the only micro inverter in the list above is Enphase.


  • Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters are also called as multi-mode inverters. A hybrid inverter specifies you to insert batteries into your solar power system. The hybrid inverter panel with the battery using a feature called ‘DC coupling‘, and its setup is synchronous with the charging and discharging of the battery.

There is a normally limited number of hybrid inverters on the Australian market right now. Moreover, we have listed all the hybrid grid connected inverters we know about on this Hybrid Inverter Comparison Table. Do not forget to check it out if you are considering buying batteries with your solar power system.

Hybrid Inverters

  • Battery Inverters

If you need to recover your batteries to your solar grid connected system, or simply keep your battery solution distinct from your solar grid panels (i.e. not going through the likely alike inverter), then a separate battery inverter is a good option. Moreover, this simply alternates your battery power into 230V AC and inserts it into your plugin instead of grid power where ever it is possible to install at ease.

Battery Inverters

How Much Should I Pay For An Inverter?

Wait! Wait! Are you seriously interested to purchase solar grid connected inverter? Well, this is a tough question to answer. It might be surprising that the solar grid connected inverters are mostly provided as part of a solar power system overall premium package. More importantly, this verypart can be recognized around 20% of the cost of a system of solar system solutions.

How To Choose A Solar Grid Connected Inverter With A Panel?

Before investing a big amount in solar panels, do consider some important points listed below:

  • Examine the size of solar panel
  • Measure the exact sine wave instead of looking for modifies sine wave
  • Look for the technical features including efficiency, no current draw and self-composed etc.
  • Check the charging output of batteries
  • Also, have a keen look at temperature ranges it with holds
  • Research over who is the manufacturer and company details to check its reliability and validity over the period of time
  • Compare various types of solar grid connected inverters before making final decision

But remember one thing, whatever you are doing, do not ever buy the least expensive solar inverter in the market! The real cheapest products have no chance of lasting more than 15 years. Believe me on this. Significantly, it is difficult and costly to design and manufacture a good solar grid connected inverter that will lastforever. Therefore, do not ever purchase a bottom of the range solar product from brand that has no name. It is untrue economy as it just never will last (rather like the organizations selling them!).

A Last Word of Caution and Safety 

Be conscious that solar grid connected inverters are reviewed in “Direct current input” and “Alternate Current output” words. Do not forget to make sure that solar grid connected inverter that you are purchasing is also rated to match the outcome of your solar panels in DC! Some sellers will market you a bigger inverter so you can add extra solar plates at a later date in life. Before making a payment for a decision to purchase one of these, you need to look at the following points:

  • Does my roof has a lot of this space available to put these extra solar panels? (Might be of useless otherwise)
  • Will my bought panels be accessible in the future date?

Solar panel recent technology advancements are changing at a rapid rate. Moreover, your installed solar PV panels might not be available when you wish to upgrade. Your inverter might not be able to ascertain the mismatch of solar panels, which may think you will need to purchase a new one. A path to overcome this potential difficult situation is to rather consider a multi string or a MMPT expandable solar inverter.


In the last word, the best advice is to put up as many solar panels or plates as you can afford on your pocket (and install them on your roof), and buy an inverter to fit the majority power of the system.

Cutting the long story short, solar panels and inverter need is increasing day by day. With the sharp rise in population, the electricity shortage issues and bills are just shrinking the man with common salary. The need of time is to think for a better career and a bright future. In this whole hustle, solar grid connected inverters are playing a very important role to minimize the power taken from DC and converting it to AC and allowing the use of electricity in both residential areas and big companies where electricity is a big issue.

In the end I want to conclude that it is better to plan than to wait for a blessing to happen. If you want the constant supply of power then solar grid connected inverter is a good solution. Solar energy is free of cost and is available to every person. Utilizing maximum out of it is profitable and cost effective at the same time. Install as many panels on your roof as possible because they will store a good amount of energy to be utilized for longer run even if there is no light. Pace them out of direct light and take precautionary measures to better use these solar inverters for a longer period.