DASS Tech in South Korea

NAME of a symbol to make the world more green.

Simple philosophy and great passiosn to make us to be No.1 brand in Korea.
We always image customer’s happiness with our solution and this is the motive to make us to try to develop new technologies constantly.

Based on reliability, we could expand an annual capacity as more than 1GW.
In overseas, we have brach offices in Thailand, India and have sales records in South-East Asia, Latin America, India (Sri-Lanka).



– Establishment of the 2nd factory, ‘Gold Park’
– Established a branch office, ‘DASSTECH SOLAR PRIVATE LIMITED’ in India
– Exports to India, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam, Eastern Europe


– Exports 90MW inverters to Thailand with 620kW inverters
– Launchs a 620kW with 3–level converting technology oriented to Thailand


– Launches a 250kW inverter certified U.L for U.S market
– Exports residential inverters to Mexico, Guam


– Exports to 3kW inverters, 2,000pcs to Australia / residentials inverters to Denmark
– Launches 250kW, 500kW utility sclae inverters


– Establishing DASS Tech and launches a 3kW inverter [Brand : ‘SOLEAF’]

Copyright ⓒ DAsstech CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright ⓒ DASSTECH CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.